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Sac Bl Book Fair (Underground Books) retouch

Vernita Naylor (JEGroup) talks about creating your own blueprint whether it’s in business or as an author Sacramento Black Book Fair (Underground Books)


To change the messaging that diversity and inclusion affect everything around us whether it’s through the supplier diversity, employment, environment or community arena.


JEGroup prides itself on being a change agent and advocates on issues from small business and community to youth initiatives. It is our passion to improve the process and to stimulate the communities in which we live in. Through our efforts, we are making a difference and leaving a legacy of change one step at a time.


“With education and training, you can succeed if you see it as a blueprint for your future.  Don’t think small, disadvantaged or underrepresented think business, it’s all about business”
Vernita Naylor, Founder /Owner/Author JEGroup