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Everyone is looking for ways to improve themselves whether it’s for personal or business development purposes. Continuous education is on the rise. For over 15 years, JEGroup has offered a variety of education and support services to our partners through one-on-one to group facilitation.

In order to provide a more robust customer relationship experience, we have collaborated with a few other companies so that we can assure that all of our client’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM), business matchmaking and organization and development training needs are met:

  • Webinar
  • Instructor Led Training (In-Class)
  • eCourse (On-Demand)
  • Curriculum Designer
  • Consulting Servicies
  • Subject Matter Expert:
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Small Business Compliance
    • Capacity Building
    • Business, Supplier, and Contract Readiness

Barnes and Noble (Emeryville) will be hosting Washington, D.C. Small Business Ambassador; Bay Area’s business owner; and Published Author, Vernita Naylor, Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup), Friday, October 20 at 7pm (https://stores.barnesandnoble.com/event/9780061889643-0). Join us as you become educated on what it takes to become a part of the conversation as a business owner from diversity and inclusion (Chapter V Why Certifications Are Important) to creating a partnership with the buying agencies (Chapter VI Getting the Attention Of The Buyer) that are looking for the goods and services that you have to sell and much more. Books will be autographed on-site and available for purchase.

If you are a business owner and seeking ways to grow your business through a partnership with government and Fortune 500 buying agencies whether it’s the City of New York, CSAA, Fedex they are interested in working with you. Check out this clip, Where Is the Money to discover how.


How to Make Money With Buying Agencies, 6-Module, a customized training program in collaboration with our book, Get the Cheese, Avoid the Traps: An Interactive Guide To Government Contracting.  As a result of our program and services, we are able to help suppliers to:

  • Build capacity
  • Enhance business growth
  • Create a strong and solid infrastructure
  • Become business, supplier and contract ready
  • Enhance buyer-supplier and prime-sub relationships
  • Develop strong contract proposals

Hear a testimony from one of our graduates, Claudia Humphrey, , on the Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup) Channel.


Vernita Naylor and the Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup) team had a great time participating at the 2016 California Black Chamber of Commerce (CalBCC) Ron Brown Summit in Los Angeles.  Vernita educated a large audience on The Business Process. The Business Process is the five easy steps that any business owner can use to enhance the customer experience.  Then Vernita moderated the Small Business Funding Sources to a packed audience of business owners that wanted to know about some of the non-traditional funding opportunities that are available to them.  We want to thank the Small Business Funding Sources panelists for such a great experience:

  • Jesse Torres – Deputy Director/Small Business Advocate (Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development – Go-Biz)
  • Victor Parker – District Director (SBA Los Angeles District Office)
  • Teveia Barnes – Executive Director (California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank – IBank)
  • Kevin Hicks – Partner (Blackman and Associates)

To partake in the Summit from Vernita being a keynote speaker, and her facilitating a breakout session to much more visit the clip below and become a part of the experience.



How To Make Money With Fortune 500 and Government Buyers: Vendor Development Training Program Graduates

Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup) is happy to see Claudia Humphrey and Trisha Garrett graduated from the How to Make Money with Fortune 500 and Government Buyers: Vendor Development Training Program co-sponsored by Comcast/NBC/Universal.  In the program, Claudia and Trisha were educated on how to create and maintain business compliance, build a strong business infrastructure, know what it takes to remain business ready, learn about ways to maximize their certification and understand what it takes to date their customers.  As a result of the program, they became certified suppliers, created a capability statement, and much more that are the tools required to partner with their ideal customers.

We want to thank Timothy Evans, Comcast/NBC/Universal for all of his help in making this program a success and Roesia Gerstein (U.C. Berkeley (UCB) and San Francisco State University (SFSU)); Anthony Pegram (BART); M.J. Bogatin, Esq; Rhea Aguinaldo (Small Business Majority); Kiva Zip; and William A. Taylor, Esq for their participation in the program. Listen to the ladies (#4-8) firsthand on the JEGroup Channel about their experience in participating in the How to Make Money with Fortune 500 and Government Buyers: Vendor Development Training Program  

Congratulations Ladies!


Follow the Money to the Supplier Diversity Program

Join me on September 8, as I teach the Follow the Money to the Supplier Diversity Program at U.C. Berkeley and learn how you can become a part of the supplier diversity program and be positioned to sell your goods or services. Under the supplier diversity program, there are partnerships being created between the buyers and suppliers on everything. Sign up today.


How to Make Money (Series 6) resized

How to Make Money With Fortune 500 and Government Entities:  Are You Capable?  (Series 6)

Billions of dollars are being spent on goods and services every year with Fortune 500 and government buyers.  There is a mandate of up to 50% to be spent with disadvantaged and underrepresented (small, women, minority, LGBT, and Veteran-owned) businesses.  As companies grow they realize that they can’t do everything themselves, so they outsource their goods and service needs, this is where the supplier diversity program comes in.

During these four hours you will learn how to create professional resource tools that buyers require in partnering with them.  Register today and purchase your copy of Get the Cheese, Avoid the Traps: An Interactive Guide to Government Contracting.

Seating is Limited.  Reserve your seat.  Sign up Today! 

HowToMakeMoney (Series 5) resize

How to Make Money With Fortune 500 and Government Entities: Connect the Dots (Series 5)

Fortune 500 and government buyers like Comcast, PG&E, SFO, Google, California High Speed Rail Authority, Starbucks, Department of Navy, and AMTRAK are always looking for disadvantaged and underrepresented businesses to partner with.  Through the supplier diversity program, buyers have a goal to spend up to 50% on purchasing goods and services from small, minority, LGBT, Veteran and women-owned businesses.  This type of partnership is a win-win for everyone involved from the buyer and prime to the supplier.

As the year is quickly coming to an end, buyers are diligently trying to meet their supplier diversity goals, will they find you?   Connect the Dots will help business owners, particularly those that are already certified, learn the steps for customizing their partnering relationships and see how they can begin the engagement process with their ideal customers.  Seating is Limited. Register today, purchase your copy of Get the Cheese, Avoid the Traps and join us. 


How to Make Money With Fortune 500 and Government Entities: Date Your Customers (Series 4)

Do you know how to date your customers?  Do you have what it takes?  In Series 4 of the Vendor Development Training Program you will be taught the tools on how to Date Your Customers.  If you are certified this is the next step in helping you to grow your business through the supplier diversity and government contracting programs.  If you are not certified nor interested in getting certified this series can still help you into learning how to establish business readiness for business growth.

Sign up today http://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-to-make-money-with-fortune-500-companies-and-government-buyers-date-your-customers-series-4-tickets-24749292801?aff=erelexpmlt.



certification-teleseminar-graphic-series3 (resize)

How to Make Money With Fortune 500 and Government Entities: What It Takes To Become Certified (Series 3)

Congratulations to those women business owners that help to meet the 5% women certification goal, let’s continue the momentum.  For those of you that are not yet certified learn what it takes to become a certified business owner.  In Series 3 of the Vendor Development Training Program, you will be taught the tools on What It Takes to Become Certified.  We will take you through the steps through our hands-on, step-by-step and online interactive process.

Sign up today: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-to-make-money-with-fortune-500-companies-and-government-buyers-what-it-takes-to-become-tickets-22747240609?aff=es2

13076737_1193289177370391_1267946251233169010_n (Tate Hill)

The Importance of a Capability Statement Photo Courtesy: Tate Hill

Series 2 (half) social media flyer 2.8.16 v2

How to Make Money with Fortune 500 and Government Entities (Series 2)


William Taylor, Esq; Anushka Aggarwal (Kiva Zip); Vernita Naylor (JEGroup) and M.J. Bogatin, Esq. at How To Make Money: Get In Compliance (Series 2)


Despite the heavy rains these ladies were ready to learn how to Get In Compliance (Series 2) – How To Make Money









MKTG wo BPRate & VJ - How to Make Money with F500 and Govt Entities 1.22.16

How to Make Money with Fortune 500 and Government Entities (Series 1)

Photos Courtesy: viZionS Photography




Government Contracting Public Lecture Flyer (12-17-15) - V5.1

What’s In It For Me? Getting Federal and State of California Certification (U.C. Berkeley)

Photos Courtesy:  Carol Tady (U.C. Berkeley)

DSC_0455 DSC_0462 DSC_0484

U.C. Berkeley Adhoc Committee Team

U.C. Berkeley Global Campus Business Breakfast

PGE-FMBCC Flyer (December 2)

PGE & Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce (FMBCC) Central Valley Supplier Forum
(Watch It Live)

FMBCC Pitch It Workshop


Participant at the Pitch It, # Sell It Workshop



Participants going through pitching development at the Pitch It, # Sell It Workshop

Kina M and Vernita N (Pitch It)

Kina McFadden participant at the Pitch It # Sell It Workshop








business bites 4.16.2015--flyer (richmond main street)

First Steps to Certifying Your Small Business (Richmond Main Street)

Panel at SVBCC

Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce (SVBCC) on maximizing the supplier diversity program panelist


Dublin Rotary Club Guest Speaker