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Come out and interact with me along with other diversity and inclusion (D&I) industry experts as we educate business owners on how they can become a part of the D&I conversation especially in the technological marketplace. 

“Diversity and inclusion are not only for employees, it’s for business owners also. Become a part of the conversation.” Vernita Naylor

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There are times that business owners need a platform to lend their voices and want to be heard but they are busy running their businesses. Because of small businesses, jobs are created, the economy is stimulated and our communities are improved. But the concerns of supplier diversity, government contracting, policies, tax laws, health care, access to capital, urban development projects and other business related issues still need to be addressed. JEGroup is a Small Business Ambassador that lends a voice for other businesses throughout the Country and frequently in Washington, D.C.

We are active on several boards, commissions, advisory councils, forums, panels and platforms and we make our voices heard in journals, publications, and magazines as well all in an effort on being an ambassador for the disadvantaged and underrepresented business community.  Some of our work includes: 


In 2015, I was selected Top 100 Small Business Nationwide and became a voice for other small businesses as the White House and in Washington, D.C. In 2016, I was called on again to participate in a historical event pertaining to the National Monuments and Public Lands. As a Washington, D.C. Small Business Ambassador, I along with two other business owners spoke at the National Monuments Press Conference in Washington, D.C.

The live press conference was held in participation with Senator Harry Reid (U.S. Senate Democratic Leader), and Senator Martin Heinrich (New Mexico) along with business owners. We discussed the importance of the benefits that the small business community offers in partnership with our national monuments and public lands. I am so thankful for these opportunities and for the ability to service the needs of small businesses.

Enjoy Join me and Senators Reid and Heinrich, National Monuments and Public Lands live press conference.

For more information about the National Monuments:  Public Lands Protections provides Major Boost to Small Businesses Press ReleaseObama Administration Economic Impact of the National Monuments (including Full Report), and Obama’s National Monuments A Boom For Local Economies.

Chosen Top 100 Small Pioneering Business Nationwide and became a voice to speak on behalf of other small businesses.

Other speaking engagements include:


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