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We all have gifts and talents within us to become change agents. With intentional steps and execution, you can see your vision come to fruition. Let us help you MANIFEST your purpose. INSPIRE you to achieve. SUPPORT you by becoming an effective communicator to reach your desired goals. We've helped thousands of individuals and businesses for over 20 years let us help you!

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Speaking In Colors Is Not Only a Concept, It’s A Movement!

  • WHAT THEY'RE SAYING ABOUT SPEAKING IN COLORS: "The most impactful for me was the chapter on transmitting, particularly as it applies to the disconnect that has become the norm with the progression of technology. This was compounded in 2020 when the entire world was isolated from everyone else in it. Reading on the toxic filters was difficult because it felt like a mirror was being held up. My colors are off. My frequency is off. And it is true that the transmitting of this in how I communicated with those I was isolated with were damaging." Jamie Michele (5-Star Rating Readers' Favorite)

  • WHAT THEY'RE SAYING ABOUT GET THE CHEESE, AVOID THE TRAPS: “Vernita Naylor explains how to get business from government agencies. She describes just how difficult it is to navigate the contracting process of various government entities. The book gives information on what a business owner needs to learn before venturing into the complex process…The publication provides information on what time and costs can be expected to ready the business for government bidding...Naylor uses her contracting experience to create a great learning tool for businesses.” Karen Walpole (5-Star Rating Reader’s Favorite)


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