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Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup), is an Integrated Business Resource Company that provides education and support services to business owners, non-profit organizations and buying agencies. We understand the challenges that businesses are facing in today’s marketplace whether they’re a start-up, growing or maturing company. We have customized programs and services to suit every need regardless of whether the need is for a one-on-one or group facilitation session.

In order to provide a more robust customer relationship experience, we have collaborated with a few other companies so that we can assure that all of our client’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM), business matchmaking and organization and development training needs are met. We are always asked “what’s next?” by our existing and potential clients, so we are meeting those needs by offering those clients our What’s Next Effect (WNE) Program. The WNE Program is a series of customized, innovative programs and services that are designed to help the clients walk through the next steps in making the transition necessary to reach their business goals and objectives.

Visit our Education and Support Services page to see a list of some of our services.


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