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Vernita Naylor, Founder, How to Make Money With Fortune 500 and Government Buyers Conference (L-R) Anthony Pegram (BART), Roesia Gerstein (University of California Campuses, and Timothy Evans (Comcast) Photo Courtesy: viZionS Photography

Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup), is an Integrated Business Resource Company that provides education and support services. We understand the challenges that businesses face in today’s marketplace. We offer customized, innovative programs and services to our clients through several channels from one-on-one consulting to group facilitation. Our clients range from business owners and non-profit organizations to buying agencies.

We offer the What’s Next Effect (WNE) Program. The WNE Program, are the next steps that businesses need in order to make the transition to the next phase of their business in line with their goals and objectives. Whether the business is a start-up, growing or maturing company we have programs and services designed to cater to your needs from business development, becoming a certified supplier and learning how to partner with their ideal customers to creating professional marketing collateral.

JEGroup also offers a robust six module customized vendor development training program, visit the Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup) Youtube Channel to hear testimonials from two of our graduatesAs a result of our program and services, we are able to help suppliers to: 

  • Build capacity
  • Enhance business growth
  • Participate in increasing the pool of qualified and certified suppliers
  • Create a strong and solid infrastructure
  • Be a part of helping the buyers meet their supplier diversity goals
  • Become business and supplier ready
  • Enhance buyer-supplier and prime-sub relationships
  • Develop strong contract proposals

As a result of our program and services the benefits to the buyers:

  • Increase the pool of qualified and certified suppliers
  • Assist buyers in meeting their supplier diversity goals
  • Partner with businesses with a strong infrastructure to support business growth
  • Comfort in knowing that business owners are business and supplier ready
  • Enhance buyer-supplier and prime-sub relationships


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